Yoast-ing Marshmallows over an Open Plugin

I now have an idea for this week’s developer challenge: Writing a Yoast Plugin extension that provides the E-Prime feedback within Yoast’s UI. I think it should add a peer section to the ‘Readability’ and ‘SEO Analysis’ tabs. A simple ‘E-Prime’ layer that conforms to the Smiley face convention and accordions to show the sentences that have violations.

I have no idea if it’s possible, but I’m racing off to look into it this afternoon. Hopefully Yoast has some clearly structured code that I can crib from…

Wish Me Luck!

The next mountain to climb

Why is it so hard to use Bootstrap and WordPress together? This is the next big hill to climb: I want to use Bootstrap in our Plugin UI and have it work with ALL themes…

Tastes like dog food

We are going to move the “pluginalytics” prototype into production as a lead magnet for membership around here. It’s not a simple task but easily doable if we wrap the Admin UI up in a WordPress Shortcode. So look for that sometime this week.

Listicles are just bad Content

I found an interesting link on twitter: 5 Best Contact Form Plugins and it sparked a thought… Five Contact Form Plugin seems kind of shallow.

Having spent a few weeks using our metapult plugin analytics engine I already knew that Contact Form Plugins were among the most common types of plugins. I mean, there’s a whole industry around the fact that WordPress is essentially useless without some sort of form builder.

Plugin Analytics = Pluginalytics

Plainly, the out of box experience is one of regret and disappointment. I just wanted a quick way to build a nice website and instead I get an impenetrable array of admin menus and nerd knobs.

Assuming you manage to stick with it and tough it out there is some light somewhere down that dark tunnel: a Plugin and Theme ecosystem.

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