Doldrums of Social Marketing

The depression hits hard when you notice that months of effort meant no meaningful impact on the business. Your blog posts gained no traffic. You’ve got no new back links. And the plugins you’ve launched failed to find someone to install them. Welcome to the Doldrums of Social Marketing. Once upon a time the “If you build it […]

The next mountain to climb

Why is it so hard to use Bootstrap and WordPress together? This is the next big hill to climb: I want to use Bootstrap in our Plugin UI and have it work with ALL themes…

Listicles are just bad Content

I found an interesting link on twitter: 5 Best Contact Form Plugins and it sparked a thought… Five Contact Form Plugin seems kind of shallow.

Having spent a few weeks using our metapult plugin analytics engine I already knew that Contact Form Plugins were among the most common types of plugins. I mean, there’s a whole industry around the fact that WordPress is essentially useless without some sort of form builder.

Plugin Analytics = Pluginalytics

Plainly, the out of box experience is one of regret and disappointment. I just wanted a quick way to build a nice website and instead I get an impenetrable array of admin menus and nerd knobs.

Assuming you manage to stick with it and tough it out there is some light somewhere down that dark tunnel: a Plugin and Theme ecosystem.

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