Tastes like dog food

A week of vacation is a great way to clear your head and gain some perspective. Now we’re back and my head is swimming with ideas: First, and most importantly, we’ll be dogfooding all the things as we build out the member features of metapult.

As a prop for experimentation we’ve decided to port our proven AB Test Framework to WordPress. We’ll launch it on WordPress.org in order to track it with “pluginalytics” thus providing the change to “Eat our own dog food.” Two bowls of it.

  1. AB Testing on WordPress
  2. Pluginalytics Engine for Marketing and Tracking Plugin adoption.

We’ll talk more about our approach on both of these of course. So look for more posts and walk throughs on how to go from Nothing to Launching a WordPress plugin. Cataloging the journey from anonymity to the first 1000 downloads. And how to use metapult to accelerate that effort.

Dogfooding Task For This Week

We are going to move the “pluginalytics” prototype into production as a lead magnet for membership around here. It’s not a simple task but easily doable if we wrap the Admin UI up in a WordPress Shortcode. So look for that sometime this week.

After that we’ll spend some time completing the base plugin framework required to port our AB Test stuff to WordPress. Then we’ll build out the features and do a proper comparison to the only other AB Test frameworks on WordPress.

T-Bone Kibble