Plugin Trends: June 17, 2021

As we see more and more of the COVID-19 restrictions easing I suppose it makes sense for people to need directions to their brick and mortar shops. And that could explain the booming business in Maps Plugins this week. All of that extra attention has to come from somewhere. The booking and shipping plugins appear to have lost […]

Plugin Trends: June 10, 2021

Two Factor login plugins take center stage this week. A good thing. Too bad they are necessary, this ought to be in the core. Look, if you’re using WordPress, then you are probably trying the Content Marketing growth strategy. And like everyone else you are installing sitemap and other SEO plugins.

Plugin Trends: June 3, 2021

Interesting to see Ad Plugins taking the lead this week. I wonder if this is all in relation to the coming end of 3rd Party Cookies, and Apple’s iOS 14.5 updates that severely restrict user tracking… Even more interesting is that the AdWords plugins were left behind by this week’s rising tide in Ad Plugins.

Plugin Trends: May 27, 2021

Nice call Nostradamus! You couldn’t have been more wrong about predicting AMP’s decline last week. It’s trending up this week. The big loset this week was instead Instagram WordPress Plugins.

Plugin Trends: May 20, 2021

Round and round we go. Looks like the dip in interest for Security and Brute Force protections was only temporary. Mailchimp along with other email integration plugins had a pretty good week too. Everything has a cost. The surge in interest over there means the drop in interest somewhere else. This week Font Management Plugins took the hit. […]

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