Plugin Trends: February 25, 2021

As a big data geek, it warms my heart to see Analytics Trending High. Congratulations to all you WordPress admins who’ve discovered the dark arts of data science. We must also acknowledge all you Eastern Europeans who’ve made Cyrillic, Belorussian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian tags jump up in the listings. Well done! Pour one out for the Spam and Disable […]

Plugin Trends: February 18, 2021

Well look what suddenly became popular: Managing Multiple Sites! And Child Themes may be paying the price. Otherwise this looks like quite a boring week. Hardly anything interesting in WordPress Plugin Trends to make note of. We’ll see you again here next week. Stay positive, test negative!

Plugin Trends: February 11, 2021

“No Means No” – Looks like Cookie consent had a good week. But what I find most interesting is that Facebook advertising suddenly became popular And at the same time AdWords is being shunned. This is something watch next week to see if things regress to the mean, or if the trend holds.

Plugin Trends: February 4, 2021

There it is. Right a the top. Elementor’s page builder continues to serve as an indictment of WordPress’ piss poor Gutenberg editor. Also notable is the popularity of BoldGrid this week. It must have been featured in an article somewhere to see that amazing +1085 jump in Trend Score. Personally I use Divi on my important sites and […]

Plugin Trends: January 28, 2021

A big week for Mailchimp for WordPress with a half million new downloads! Certainly the standout plugin of the week. In the pit of despair we see a dearth of bland and generic keywords. Keywords that carry no special meanings and thus no special interest. A whole lot of regression to the mean on these items. Holding steady […]

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