Plugin Trend: April 29, 2021

I’ve always wondered if there was a business value in Internationalization (I18N). Now, we have a bit of evidence that there is in fact a way to make it work. Seems someone figured translating WooCommerce to German made sense and they are reaping the rewards this week.

Plugin Trends: April 22, 2021

A funny thing happened this week, everyone suddenly woke up and started downloading security software. All the while we see Jetpack retreating to its normal rankings. And those plugins we don’t talk about much remain stable in their popularity: Yoast and Contact Form 7. Like some sort of zen masters, they just keep on keeping on.

Plugin Trends: April 15, 2021

Well it looks like Jetpack acquired some momentum this week, but it was nothing like Rank Math SEO gains. The biggest loser this week were the Schedule plugins. You may have noted that we predicted this obvious reversal last week…

Plugin Trends: April 8, 2021

In a shocking turn of events, duplicating posts is no longer the most important thing in a WP admin’s list of problems. We identify another obvious regression to the mean. Next week’s regression to the mean will be “The Events Calendar”. A plugin that had an ungodly good run of things this week. Another notable this week is […]

Plugin Trends: April 1, 2021

It’s days like this where you shake your head at the WordPress core. The simple act of duplicating a page on a site is not available out of the box. Instead we are forced to go and find a plugin to do what is a most common task: duplicating a page. On the declining side of things, we […]

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