Listicles are just bad Content

I found an interesting link on twitter: 5 Best Contact Form Plugins and it sparked a thought… Five Contact Form Plugin seems kind of shallow.

Having spent a few weeks using our metapult plugin analytics engine I already knew that Contact Form Plugins were among the most common types of plugins. I mean, there’s a whole industry around the fact that WordPress is essentially useless without some sort of form builder.

The number one downloaded plugin is Contact Form 7 with over 1.2 million downloads just last week. That’s number one for all plugin categories, not just contact forms. So when I compared the “Listicle” top 5 with our analytics engine I found a small anomaly: Gravity Forms doesn’t belong on the list at all.

Top 5 Best Contact Form Plugins

Here’s the true ranking of contact form plugins based on user preference as indicated by Active Installs:

Contact Form 7Takayuki Miyoshi2007-08-022020-07-04 2:20pm GMT1460800455000000Just another contact form plugin. Simple but flexible.
Contact Form by WPForms Drag & Drop Form Builder for WordPressWPForms2016-03-142020-06-25 2:04pm GMT485435383000000The best WordPress contact form plugin. Drag & Drop online form builder that helps you…
Ninja Forms Contact Form The Drag and Drop Form Builder for WordPressSaturday Drive2011-12-212020-05-21 4:47pm GMT223856981000000The 100% beginner friendly WordPress form builder. Drag & drop form fields to build beautiful, professional contact forms in minutes.
Formidable Form Builder Contact Form, Survey & Quiz Forms Plugin for WordPressStrategy112009-12-122020-07-02 11:32pm GMT7881607300000The most advanced WordPress forms plugin. Go beyond contact forms with our drag & drop form builder for surveys, quiz forms, and more.
Caldera Forms More Than Contact FormsCaldera Forms2014-06-072020-06-19 4:59pm GMT2925984200000Responsive form builder for contact forms, user registration and login forms, Mailchimp, PayPal Express and…
Top 5 Contact Form Plugins

There are at least 674 “Contact Form” related plugins available, so keeping a list to the top five is rather uninteresting. And putting Gravity Forms on the list at all makes it look like a paid marketing post for Gravity Forms because they are not close to the top 5. Not even in the top 25. There are plugins for contact form plugins that are more popular.

There are so many more insights to be had in our database. Members will have the ability to quickly survey the WordPress ecosystem and do proper competitive analysis.


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