The One Week Plugin

Beginning to an end the E-Prime Grammar Checker proved itself a worthy experiment. We got to flex our muscles after having spent a couple months learning the ins and outs of WordPress. But most importantly it confirmed that we really can execute a rapid plugin development project. From concept to launch we nailed this one.

Behind the scenes at metapult we’ve developed a tool chain that makes building WordPress Plugin prototypes easy. Internal tools like ours have become table stakes in the contract development game. If you don’t have a system for making ideas come to life quickly then your customers will go elsewhere. Your customers will come to metapult.

The team at metapult will not stand still. We have many more ideas to explore on how to build even bigger plugins faster. We think that the best outcomes from a project engagement come from finishing as quickly as possible. So, we will continue to hone our skills and drive forward improving our Rapid Plugin Development process.

We want to work on your next project! And you should ask yourself if you want your next project to come in on time and with amazing results?