Monitor WordPress Plugin Competition

Are you the 100 lb gorilla or the scrappy startup? Are you defending your market share or trying to take some away? Amazingly enough it doesn’t matter. The task at hand remains how to monitor WordPress plugin competition.

Are you gaining ground or losing it?

Most companies struggle at this point. Sure you can head over to and skulk around. Manually dig though search results. Scrolling through pages of thumbnails trying to distill critical business information from consumer based copy.

Or you find a tool that brings together the competitors you know and also those you’ve not yet heard about. A tool that presents the information you need in a format you want. A tool called Pluginalytics.

Show Me how to monitor WordPress Plugin competition

Let’s pick on the 100 lb gorilla for example. With Pluginalytics we know the 3000 various plugins trying to compete in and around the WooCommerce tag.

approx 3000 WooCommerce plugins

So easy. But let’s pretend we’ve just invented the next best thing in Stripe integration with WooCommerce…. Who do we really care about now?

Two clicks and my nine “WooCommerce & Stripe” plugin competitors are exposed. Along with all the business metadata that shows me Net Promoter Score, Overall Quality Score, Total downloads in the last week, Ranking and Changes in Rankings. And more.

It’s really easy to monitor WordPress plugin competition over time with Pluginalytics. Check you stats once a week, make your adjustments, and review you improved performance and market position.