WordPress E-Prime Grammar Checker Plugin

E-Prime (the abbreviated form of English Prime) consists of English, with all forms of the verb “to be” abolished. Forms of the verb include “is, are, were, was, am, be, been”, and their contractions. In the first instance, removing “to be” allows someone to communicate their subjective experience and removes judgement, allowing for a greater distinction between fact and opinion.

For instance, the sentence “that goat is sexy” would not be allowed in E-Prime, but instead could be rendered as “I find that goat sexually attractive”, which is far closer to factual accuracy in clarifying something as subjective opinion rather than as an objective fact. The intention in this case is to remove a statement of subjective experience away from the object and to the person who has that experience, and so avoid unproductive arguments of whether the goat is sexually attractive, when the argument should be about who does and does not find its horny, furry body sexually arousing.”

Rational Wiki – https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/E-Prime

The greatest writing trick you didn’t know about: E-Prime!

You’ve built your WordPress website and started writing content. But you’ve never really excelled at writing and the evidence appears in your copy. Something we all take for granted proves far more difficult than expected.

Writing Good Content Is Hard Work!

Luckily, someone on our team pointed out the one thing that makes all copy better: an E-Prime grammar checker. Having built one for themselves in a previous life and then advocated for metapult to repeat the feat. A no brainer for us, and a great way to get started building our reputation on WordPress.org.

Introducing the WordPress E-Prime Grammar Checker

The WordPress E-Prime Checker does one little task and does it well. It tells the author when they inadvertently fall into the trap of shallow thinking or opinionated writing. You’ll lose your passive voice and gain an empathetic style that most people find more relatable and authoritative. We believe these qualities will improve your engagement rates and increase your SEO rankings.

We made the WordPress E-Prime Grammar Checker plugin very very light-weight and very very unobtrusive because we know that distractions during the creative process is most unwelcome. Nobody wants to break their flow while the fully engrossed in writing content. That flow state is precious to us and when you’ve figured out the E-Prime rules you’ll hardly ever see it.

WordPress E-Prime Grammar Checker screenshot

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