WordPress Plugins by metapult

Our team at metapult has developed many plugins for for the WordPress.org ecosystem. As part of our on going market research into how to optimize for download and activations, we use our own plugins to run experiments.


The WordPress E-Prime Grammar Checker does one little task and does it well. It tells the author when they inadvertently fall into the trap of shallow thinking or opinionated writing.


COVID-19 hit the Ontario Long Term Care healthcare providers particularly hard. Significant changes required to improve LTC operations and they won’t come easily. So we built a Business Intelligence tool to help monitor which homes need specialized attention to improve their inspection records.

Hollywood Sudoku

A simple plugin help you place a Sudoku Game Board on your site.

Our team remains on the lookout for new ideas and custom development engagements. Our WordPress plugin consulting rates match the industry standards and coupled with our advanced rapid prototyping tooling we can complete your project far faster and cheaper than you’d ever expect.