Plugin Trends: October 1st, 2020

The Pluginalytics AI Monitor reports the weekly trending WordPress Plugins via the most searched for keywords. For October 1st, 2020, these keywords stand out. Popular: Landing Page Page Builder Drag and Drop Editor Elementor Climbing: Graphs Author Check Password Protect Multisite Stable: Disable Gutenberg Malware Scanner WooCommerce Content Backup

Doldrums of Social Marketing

The depression hits hard when you notice that months of effort meant no meaningful impact on the business. Your blog posts gained no traffic. You’ve got no new back links. And the plugins you’ve launched failed to find someone to install them. Welcome to the Doldrums of Social Marketing. Once upon a time the “If you build it […]

Why Update WordPress Plugins?

The wisdom of the crowd gets it wrong on this one. Automatic Updates for WordPress can only help fix WordPress’s tarnished security reputation. Microsoft showed that this solution works unreasonably well. So, it follows WordPress should copy the same playbook. When you have a large distributed install base you most definitely need Automatic Updates. We see no better way to deploy security fixes than to remove the human element. Have the systems repair themselves.

So, Who becomes the crank that advocates tampering with the built in security solutions? Why do they undermine the best solution to the security problem? How did they get this way?

The One Week Plugin

Behind the scenes at metapult we’ve developed a tool chain that makes building WordPress Plugin prototypes easy. Internal tools like ours have become table stakes in the contract development game. If you don’t have a system for making ideas come to life quickly then your customers will go elsewhere. Your customers will come to metapult.