Plugin Trends: March 25, 2021

There must be some shady competition out there scraping content from everyone’s WordPress blogs this week because we see a major jump up in popularity around Copy Protection plugins. And for every rising tide, the water must come from somewhere. This week shows us that performance plugins that minify and defer Javascript seem somewhat less important…

Plugin Trends: March 18, 2021

Nice to see so many WordPress Admins seeking out Cloud Backup solutions for their sites this week. Taking your ops seriously is a sign of planning for eventual outcomes. In a predictable regression to the mean, we see the falling of DDoS and Cloudflare plugins returning to their middle of the pack positions.

Plugin Trends: March 11, 2021

Interesting indicators this week around nginx… What happened? Looks like WordPress 5.7 borked SG Optimizer and they had to rush out a fix. Fun Times. Instagram plugins took a big hit this week, for no good reason. Likely a regression to the mean. I’m curious about Spam. Is this really a problem? Who is having trouble on their […]

Plugin Trends: March 4, 2021

That stand out top performer this week must be WooCommerce-Wishlist. An amazing 800+ jump in popularity score. To counter that we must acknowledge the pain suffered by the SEO tools for structured-data and rich-snippets. Both suffering 800+ losses this week. Steady as a rock we see the usual suspects: Woo, Yoast, and Elementor

Plugin Trends: February 25, 2021

As a big data geek, it warms my heart to see Analytics Trending High. Congratulations to all you WordPress admins who’ve discovered the dark arts of data science. We must also acknowledge all you Eastern Europeans who’ve made Cyrillic, Belorussian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian tags jump up in the listings. Well done! Pour one out for the Spam and Disable […]