Track Your WordPress Plugin Ranking

With Pluginalytics you can instantly track your WordPress plugin ranking.

Pluginalytics Ranking Tracker

As a plugin developer your success depends greatly on how often new users see your plugin in the search results. The fact you found this page shows that you already know this and want to improve your WordPress SEO. Well Done!

You also have found it terribly difficult to monitor your ranking and perhaps your competitor’s ranking too. Manually doing searches on WordPress and counting which page and position you fall on takes too much time and effort. It simply doesn’t work.

Now you know why we built Pluginalytics: we wanted an automated tool to do the data gathering for us. We wanted to track WordPress plugin ranking across all plugins week over week.

The first thing to understand about the Pluginalytics tool is that it shows week over week changes. This flattens out the noise and normalizes global work weeks. It follows that this helps you make a change and then observe the results with a higher degree of accuracy.

To begin you ought to review the details on how the WordPress Plugin Search Algorithm works before starting the process of improving your plugin search rankings. Knowing the internals of algorithm always spurs ideas that generate quick wins. Your README.TXT file likely has a few gaps and a quick update reaps huge benefits.

After the quick wins you’ll get into the competitive analysis that Pluginalytics offers.

Getting Started

Time needed: 1 hour

How to Track WordPress Plugin Ranking

  1. Record your current position as a baseline

    Keeping a log of changes and effects over time helps keep track of what works and what doesn’t.

  2. Do your keyword analysis

    The Pluginalytics Tags tool exposes key insights into which keywords are over crowded and which are opportunities.

  3. Make your changes to README.TXT

    Using the insights gained, make strategic changes to your Plugin and release a new version into the WordPress directory.

  4. Complete the other quick wins too

    Open and close a support ticket and get yourself a 5 star rating on your plugin.

  5. Review the Plugin Ranking weekly

    If your changes are working then repeat the process again and run new experiments. If the ranking falls then you’ll want to undo your changes or discover what the competition did to advance their position.