Exploit WordPress Plugin Trends

You’ve listed your plugin on WordPress.org and done the easy things to improve your search rankings. You’ve started tracking your competition too. The next item looks like the real fun stuff: How to exploit WordPress Plugin Trends.

The Plugin Developers who have a mastered a quick release cycle and can update their Plugin daily or weekly can really advance their position. The trick becomes knowing what keywords and search terms the WordPress community find interesting this week. And for that we built Pluginalytics.

Trending Keywords at WordPress.org

The Most Downloaded keywords for the week indicate just what people need right now. Getting hooked into those trends means your exposure expands. This way your plugin gets noticed by more people.

Once you know which terms are trending this week you can quickly update your README.TXT file with the keywords in many ways

Time needed: 30 minutes

Exploit WordPress Plugin Trends after you know which terms are trending this week. Quickly update your README.TXT file with those keywords to win.

  1. Rotate the Top Five tags to match your target trends

    The first five tags listed in your README.TXT have a special weight. Keeping these in sync with the trends can help your exposure.

  2. Expand your FAQ to include questions and answers laden with the trending terms.

    When you’ve got your first five tags locked in and want to add another the best place for the extras is the FAQ. The FAQ is considered part of your Long Description and the search terms will connect here.

  3. Explore the plugins benefiting from the trend with Pluginalytics and look to see if your competition has already beat you to the trend.

    Pluginalytics helps you navigate quickly to filter the plugin ecosystem to show you which plugins use the terms in their first five.

  4. Write a blog post or publish a podcast discussing the trending terms and exploit the search behavior on your other SEO channels

    It follows that people searching WordPress.org for these terms are also searching for them on Google and other search engines. Put your SEO marketing to work and build up content for the long tail. These terms tend to trend in cycles and content that matches pays dividends over time.