Plugin Trends: January 21, 2021

And coming out of nowhere this week, straight to the third position we see: “Theme Grill” Somewhat astonishing what Automatic updates will do to your stats when you release new versions multiple times in a single week. Same effect likely seen on “Custom Sidebars“ An interesting observation around the “sticky” keyword too. Seems like a regression to the […]

Plugin Trends: January 14, 2021

A strange week where the big movers all have cornered their own keywords: Cartflows owning the “Sales Funnel” category all by itself and Pagelayer’s “pagelayer” keyword. The big losers this week look like a simple regression to the mean situation. Custom Post Types and other overly general keywords didn’t generate meaningful interest this week.

Plugin Trends: January 07, 2021

There’s something going on with MainWP this week and it looks like an emergency Security Fix. They haven’t been this high in the trend report before and although there is no buzz about it, I suspect there is an unreported vulnerability that just got patched…

Plugin Trends: December 31, 2020

The stand out trend of the week comes from our ecommerce WordPress site admins: they all seem to be struggling with calculating shipping costs. Kind of obvious given the time of year, and the type of year. We also note that there is little concern or interest this week in gathering analytics. It’s too late to tune up […]

Plugin Trends: December 24, 2020

Looks like our WordPress community has discovered the power of Localized SEO; Map related plugins were on the rise this week. Also it seems that the great big looming Brexit caused a significant decline in people’s interest in GDPR Plugins. I wish you all a Happy Holiday and we’ll be back next week to close out the year […]

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