Plugin Trends: November 26, 2020

Stuck between Halloween and Christmas we find Thanksgiving Day! To most of us is it’s the biggest and best holiday of the lot.

Yet, somehow, this week we find WordPress Plugin Trends are centered around Popup Builders. It stands to reason that this past week everyone decided to put some effort into their Black Friday marketing. Defacing their own sites with popups that offer big savings over their regular prices. To each their own I guess. But It doesn’t make sense to me.

Your customers for the entire month of November have all been waiting for your silly Black Friday event, and you’ve screwed yourself of some percentage of the revenues you’d have collected anyway… Look at you sales trends. You’ll see the dip in sales before this week. And the spike spike after. Now do the math, did you find more customers than if you didn’t play the Black Friday Game? And was is worth it to slap that popup graffiti on your site?