Plugin Trends: October 22, 2020

The climbing trend of the week has to be all about the Loginizer security exploit. When things go bad, it’s normal for people to scramble for solutions. This week we’re talking about WordPress Security.

Three things to secure your website:

  1. Use real cron jobs to maintain your site and disable wp-cron. This will increase your sites’ performance and help with step #2:
  2. Make sure you are running the lates WP Core and Enable Automatic Updates for everything:
  3. Choose your plugins carefully. But how? We built Pluginalytics to be your guide. Use our “Quality Score” to evaluate the best in class plugin for your purpose. It measures community sentiment and developer reliability in making the recommendation because reputation matters here.
  4. Delete any plugin that you don’t need for every page load. If your visitors don’t see it every time, then you don’t need it. Removing plugins and themes shrinks your attack surface area.